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3 Tips On CCTV Positioning Every Property Owner Should Know

CCTVs are an essential part of any security system and should be strategically placed to fully cover the different parts of the property. CCTV cameras can help deter burglars and also assist in identifying them after they have committed a crime. These cameras can be installed in schools, hospitals, department stores, airports, and more. However, CCTV can also pose significant risks if not positioned correctly; it can miss out on essential details or violate people’s privacy rights. If you want to ensure that your cameras are really adding value and fulfilling their purpose, hire a professional security company like Archangel Alarm Services LLC to install and position them correctly.

Here are some CCTV positioning tips to help you place your cameras correctly and use them more efficiently.

1) At the Main Entrance

Whether you own a commercial property or a storefront, a CCTV camera can give you a clear shot of the people entering and exiting. It could also capture their vehicles’ license plates if parked in front of your building or store.

Thieves often use the main entrance to watch possible targets entering and exiting from where they reside. Installing surveillance cameras will not only make them think twice, but it may even prevent crimes from occurring because these criminals will be hesitant to try anything with an active video security system installed.

In short, having good CCTVs positioned reduces crime, whether it’s theft, burglary, vandalism, or carjacking!

2) Cash Counter

Another great place to position surveillance cameras is at the counter, where you place your cash register. Choose a location that allows for an overall view of both your entrance and exit doors – this way, even if one door gets blocked off from the video feed because of a technical error, you can still catch whatever’s going on in another part of your establishment.

In addition to keeping watch over employees working behind the counter, a CCTV camera also helps ensure no one tries to steal money when transactions are made, especially during late hours when there aren’t many people around anymore.

3) Central Location 

CCTV cameras should be strategically placed in the middle of your establishment. The more visible they are, the less likely it is that someone will try to steal them — or worse, tamper with their wiring, so you lose both audio and video footage in addition to not knowing what’s going on at all!

This position also gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire establishment.

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