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5 Reasons To Have A Residential Fire Alarm System

Rule of thumb, the earlier a fire is detected, the sooner the firefighters respond. But what if there is nothing & no one around to detect a house fire in a remote residence? Would you prefer to return from your trip to a home burnt to a cinder, and you have no idea how it got that way?

It could be from a faulty electric socket, a gas knob left on with the burner in tow, an overcharged phone with a defective battery, excessive static electricity around carpets, or even a scented candle left on with pets running around.

Archangel Alarm Services has no chill when it comes to protecting our clients. Rather than throwing a sweet sales pitch, we deal in facts. And right now, you need a residential fire alarm system!

1. Reduce Risk of Property Damage

When you have a fire alarm system installed in your home, that means you have smoke sensors, possibly a sprinkler system or inert-gas deployers, and a link to the local fire department. More ambitious residential units even use fire containment systems to limit damage to the rest of the property as authorities arrive.

The gist is, with a system tuned to catch and smoke, fumes, or harmful gasses, your home is saved from going up in flames.

2. Avoid Harmful Gas Inhalation

Carbon dioxide, monoxide, methane, butane, & smoke; all these gasses can cause respiratory distress. At night time, residential occupants are most vulnerable, and in the US alone, many people die from nighttime fume inhalation. With an alarm system in place, you and your loved ones can be alerted to ominous conditions at home.

3. Comply With Safety Codes

The most conscientious thing one can avail of via installing a fire alarm system is homeowner insurance. When your property is up to code on protective measures, you get the attention of insurance firms who will back you based on complying with residence protection codes and give you discounts. It’s not all about insurance, and it’s a matter of life & death.

4. Affordable & Feasible

Don’t think of a fire alarm system as out of reach. At Archangel Alarm Services, we cater to a range of budgets to make your investment feasible in the long term. You can even get smoke alarms & monitors that alert local authorities. Invest in a fire alarm system; it doesn’t matter if you are insured because what you have lost in the fire was non-fungible. For many residents, a home is as precious as its contents.

5. Peace Of Mind

The biggest reason to have a fire alarm is to ensure you can sleep in peace, knowing your spouse, parents, siblings, wards, children, & pets are safe. A residential fire alarm system affords your home protection every day and is monitored by a trusted security service provider. You can rest easy, knowing your possessions & memories are out of harm’s way in case something goes off in the night.

Archangel Alarm Services, LLC is right around the corner if you’re done stalling over your decision to upgrade to quality fire alarm systems, security, surveillance, & monitoring. We are active in Spring, TX, and have helped numerous homeowners, business owners, & other businesses too! You can rely on our non-obligatory quotes, plus do check our services & let us know how we can help today!