Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Security And Alarm Contractor

By Archangel Alarms Services, LLC |

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Whether you’re on a business trip or at a vacation away from home, you can’t keep worrying about the safety of your premises. Regardless of your location, one way to ensure peace of mind while you’re away is by enlisting the services of a security and alarm contractor.

These professionals set up surveillance cameras or alarm monitoring systems around your property and then actively monitor them. These systems use motion sensors, door sensors, silent alarms, etc., to detect any intrusion, unauthorized entry or fire. If your alarm system is triggered, it immediately notifies the monitoring station, and alerts concerned authorities.

However, with so many security and alarm contractors to choose from, finding one that you can trust with the safety of your property can be difficult. To simplify the process, here’s a list of top five things to look for when hiring a security and alarm contractor.

1. Licensed and bonded.  

There are a ton of contractors out there that know how to install alarms and cameras, but neither of them have a license nor insurance to practice. Contractors that are licensed and bonded mean that they comply with the law and protect you from possible risks.

2. References.

Seek references that include (but not limited to) members of any local chamber of commerce, endorsements from any local law enforcement. You can also check for reviews online or speak with the company’s past clients and get to know their level of satisfaction with the company.

3. Industry awards.

Have they impressed home advisors or received awards from Angie’s List? It helps to know that the company you’re hiring is accomplished in their industry. Awards and acknowledgments indicate that they are recognized for their quality of service, and are one of the best in the business.

4. Uniform.

Look out for contractors that wear a uniform or have a visible logo present on their attire. While this is not a mandatory requirement, companies that wear a uniform can indicate professionalism and discipline.

5. Technical knowledge.

When you’re hiring an alarm monitoring service or considering purchasing a security product, ensure that you approach a knowledgeable professional. Check if the salesperson or technical representative has insight into the technology that they are trying to sell. If they are using the same approach to sell every other product, they may not be a reliable brand.

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