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Fire Alarm Troubleshooting For Beginners

A constantly beeping fire alarm can be frightening in the dead of night, even when there is no fire and the alarm goes off due to a malfunction. Most people resort to taking the batteries out to get some shut-eye. While this is a simple solution, it’s also an easy mistake to make, especially if you’re half-awake or groggy.

The best way to deal with a malfunctioning fire alarm is to call a professional alarm company. They can help identify the issue and ensure the alarm is fixed correctly. If you take the batteries out, you could be putting yourself and your neighbors at risk if there is a fire.

Let Archangel Alarm Services serving Houston, TX, help you troubleshoot fire alarm issues rather than killing the alarm.

Read through our mini-guide on fire alarm troubleshooting for beginners.

Tip 1 – Resetting the Alarm

The first and the easiest thing to do is to reset the alarm. Almost all the fire alarms out there have a small reset button-hit it, and wait for no more than five minutes for the device to turn off and come back on. If it goes off again or blares yet another night, try resetting again; the second time may be the charm.

Tip 2 – Checking the Batteries

Periodically checking the batteries of your alarm is critical. You need to press the test button and hold it for a few seconds. Two things can happen: the alarm will emit an ear-piercing siren that can be heard from across your house, or you will hear nothing at all or just a very low sound. In the latter case, change the batteries immediately! You might also want to do so every six months, even when everything seems fine.

Tip 3 – Checking for Proper Assembly & Location

Check if your fire alarm has been appropriately assembled and placed at an appropriate location. Sometimes, people unknowingly place them directly above or close to a heat source. The alarm will go off this way, even when there is no real fire or danger.

Tip 4 – Cleaning the Unit

If you keep a routine of periodically cleaning the unit – from the outside and as much as possible from the inside – you will have a correctly functioning fire alarm. Dust and dirt may clog up the sensors or cause damage to the unit, causing malfunction or complete failure. In cases like these, units may become irreparable. Cleaning the unit will save you more money than you think!

Fire alarms can be tricky to handle because they have sensitive circuitry. It is recommended that you let professionals like Archangel Alarm Services serving Houston, TX, take care of your fire alarm and other security matters. We have a wide range of services you can choose from. You can schedule a virtual service call to discuss any issues you may be facing.