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Patching The Loopholes In A Residential Security Setup

Security is a big issue today. Fortunately, technology can protect your home from burglars, but even the best security system can be compromised if loopholes exist. Archangel Alarm Services, LLC will discuss some of the most common security loopholes and how to patch them up.

1. Unlocked Doors or Windows

One of the most common security loopholes is an unlocked door or window. Many burglars will walk into an unlocked home and help themselves to your belongings. To avoid this, make sure that all doors and windows are locked, even when you are home. Make sure your home security system is armed. It would help if you also considered investing in a deadbolt lock for your front door.

2. Ignoring Motion Detection Capability

Another security measure that you can take in your home security setup is to install motion sensor lights around your home. These lights will come on if someone approaches your home, making it more difficult for a burglar to break in undetected.

3. Not Hiding Your Valuable Items

Another common security loophole is leaving valuables in plain sight. If a burglar can see items such as laptops, TVs, or jewelry through a window, they may be tempted to break in. To avoid this, make sure to keep valuables out of sight or at least in a room that can be locked. Covering your windows with blinds or curtains can help to deter burglars further.

4. Not Monitoring the People Accessing Your Home

It is also essential to know who has access to your home. If you have a cleaning service or pet sitter, make sure that they have been adequately vetted. You should also give them explicit instructions not to leave doors or windows unlocked when they are not home. Periodically change the locks on your home, especially if you have had a recent turnover in housemates or employees.

5. Not Having an Emergency Plan

Finally, plan for emergencies. Ensure that everyone in your family knows how to reach the police or fire department and has a list of emergency contacts. You should also practice evacuation routes and have a designated meeting place if you are ever separated from your family during an emergency. These simple tips can help patch up any security loopholes in your home security setup.

Ending Note

So, now that you know a few common security loopholes, what will you do about them? It’s time to take action and make your home safe from intruders. Archangel Alarm Services, LLC can help. We provide comprehensive security solutions for homes in the City of West University, TX, and beyond. Whether you need a new security alarm installed or want your current home security updated, we can help. We offer a wide range of other services, from camera installation to monitoring your home. Contact us today for a free estimate and book an appointment with one of our experts!