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Planning Gateway One: Fire Safety Planning For Your New Home

Key Takeaways:

  • Planning Gateway One is the guideline for your safety from fire hazards in your home. 
  • You must create and practice the fire escape plan with your family to be prepared for a fire emergency.
  • Identify emergency exits in your property and eliminate potential fire hazards from the premises.
  • Install detectors on each floor, especially near the bedroom, to be safe while sleeping.
  • Keep fire extinguishers at home and learn to use them.
  • Also, please read our blog on Stairwell Pressurization Systems to keep your stairwell clear from smoke and other combustions during a fire emergency, enabling a safer escape route from the building.
  • The Archangel Alarm Services offer fire alarm and security services to customers in Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas.

It’s finally time! You are getting ready to move into your new home. But before the boxes start coming in, it’s essential to do fire safety planning. A fire escape plan is crucial, ensuring that your smoke detectors and fire alarms are working correctly. Archangel Alarm Services, LLC will discuss tips for staying safe in case of a fire in your new home.

What is Planning Gateway One?

Planning Gateway One is a fire safety planning guide for your property. It includes information on how to create a fire escape plan, what to do if there’s a fire in your home, and how to stay safe during a fire.

Why is Planning Gateway One Important?

A fire in your home can be destructive. According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 350,000 homes catch fire every year in the United States. And while most of these fires are small and easily contained, they can still cause significant damage to your home and belongings.

Creating a fire escape plan is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family are safe in case of a fire. The NFPA recommends that all households have a fire escape plan and practice it regularly.

Creating a Fire Escape Plan

The first step in fire safety planning is to sit down with all members of your household and agree on two things: a meeting place outside your home and an emergency contact who lives outside your home. This way, if there’s a fire in your home, everyone knows where to meet and whom to call for help.

Once you have those two essential elements, you can start working on your fire escape plan. Mark all doors and windows on the map of your home that can be used as exits. Then, choose two exit routes from each room in your house – one primary and one secondary course. Practice these routes with everyone in your household so that everyone knows what to do in case of a fire.

Follow the steps below to create a foolproof fire escape plan:

1. Identify All Exits

First, you’ll need to identify all the exits in your home. If you live in a multi-story building, you’ll also need to identify a safe way to get to the ground floor. Then, you’ll need to choose a meeting place outside your home where everyone can meet after escaping.

2. Practice Fire Escape Drill

Once you’ve created your fire escape plan, be sure to practice it with your family to be sure everyone knows what to do in case of a fire. And if you have young children, explain the plan in straightforward terms that they understand.

Remember, fire safety is essential for everyone. By taking the time to create a fire escape plan, you can help ensure the security of your loved ones in case of an emergency.

3. Identify and Eliminate Potential Fire Hazards

Next, you’ll need to identify all the fire hazards in your home. It includes anything that could potentially catch fire and cause damage or harm. Once you’ve placed the fire hazards in your home, could you take steps to eliminate them? It might include removing clutter from your home, keeping flammable materials away from heat sources, and ensuring that all electrical appliances are correctly plugged into outlets.

4. Install Smoke Alarms

After eliminating the fire hazards in your home, you’ll need to install working smoke alarms on every level of your home. Also, test your alarm system every month, and replace batteries regularly every year or as per need. You may also consider installing a fire sprinkler system in your home.

5. Create a Fire Safety Plan

And finally, you’ll need to create a fire safety plan. This plan should include two escape routes from every room in your home and a designated meeting place outside your home. Everyone in your family should be familiar with the fire safety plan and know what to do if there is a fire.

Fire Safety at Rental Residence

If you’re a renter, your fire safety planning may be slightly different than if you own your home. You’ll have to talk to your landlord about their fire safety policies and procedures. They should have a fire escape plan posted in a common area of the building and tell you where the fire exits are located. If you have any questions about the fire safety procedures in your facility, don’t hesitate to ask your landlord or the security service.

Smoke Detectors

Now let’s talk about smoke detectors to trigger the fire alarm. There should be at minimum one smoke detector installed in our home, preferably two or more. More number of smoker detectors will provide better safety from fire. You’ll have to place them on every level of your home and near bedrooms so that you get an immediate alert if there is a fire incident while sleeping. And don’t forget to test them regularly!

Fire Extinguishers

Finally, let’s talk about fire extinguishers. Keep at least one fire extinguisher and ensure it is easily accessible in an emergency. The best place to keep your fire extinguisher is in the kitchen, near the stove. And learn how to use it! You don’t want to find out in the middle of a fire that you don’t know how to operate the fire extinguisher.

Follow these steps to ensure that you and your family are safe in case of a fire.

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