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Top 9 Noob Mistakes First-Timers Make When Installing A Surveillance Systems

Never be that client that makes a video surveillance installation feel like they got the gag-reel of the century. Either call on the experts at first light or don’t call them until you have removed that disaster of a surveillance setup you made out of cheap equipment & chicken wire, held together by the power of duct tape.

The security camera experts at Archangel Alarm Services, Inc. in Spring, TX, share some mistakes beginners make when installing security cameras. Let’s hope you didn’t make it to the list!

#9: Assuming Every Camera Captures High-Res Images

There are different ratings for the quality of the image they can capture. A 2MP security camera with digital zoom will have a low-quality image than an 8MP IP camera with optical zoom. And if you require wide-area surveillance, like in a parking lot, then 20MP with digital zoom is ideal.

#8: Image Enhancement Is Only as Good as the Pixels Your Camera Can Capture

Suppose you want to enhance an image from a 2MP CCTV frame. Well, you can’t magnify it, flip it, and then identify a culprit’s facial details from the reflection on a cornea of an unsuspecting victim (Yes, that is an actual CSI episode!).

#7: IR Cameras Need Light To Function, Just Not A Spectrum You Can See

If you want night vision cameras on your property, don’t try to install them in a place where their IR can’t be projected to the view sight. You can’t see IR except for the red emitter, so don’t block its path.

#6: Thinking Your Outdoor Surveillance Camera Has Weatherproof Connectors

No, it does not. You need to insulate the ethernet connectors from inclement weather, especially if the camera is perched in an inaccessible location. There are weatherproofing fixtures you can twist onto your connectors.

#5: Positioning Your Camera to Capture a Tranquil Sky While the Ground Goes Scot-Free

If you want your cameras to surveil what they are intended for, position them to cover the ground area, the parking lots, the parks, the storefront pavement, the pool decks, etc.

#4: Cutting Back On Quality Cables Thinking You Made Savings

Cheap copper-clad cables will wear out faster than you can say, “Yay! Savings!” And it’s not just cables; your entire cable management will suffer. Better invest in solid copper cored cables because they last longer and provide quality connectivity.

#3: Installing Wireless Cameras Everywhere & Then Whining About Costs

Wireless cameras allow you that flex over conventionally surveilled establishments, that is, until you have to manage their power source and WIFI connectivity lapses. If the cameras are entirely wireless, you will constantly change batteries, racking up quite the cost. And there will be times the footage simply doesn’t exist because of poor WIFI signals.

#2: Confident You Can Upgrade Your Surveillance Recorders Like Your Workstations

When buying a recorder, get one with multiple ports if you want to add more cameras in the future. It is costly, but it will come in handy when you need room to grow.

#1: Not Involving Archangel Alarm Services to Design & Install Your Security System for You

If you haven’t got the experts on board right from the start, you are bound to blunder big time. That also saves you from wasting money on substandard equipment!

Avoid the DIY surveillance camera installation hassle at your home in Spring, TX. Get a free quote today!