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Warning! These Are The Telltale Signs That Surveillance Security Has Been Hacked

You may believe that your security is unassailable, but what if we told you that someone could hack into your system and watch everything that happens in your home or office unnoticed? It may sound scary, but fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself.

Archangel Alarm Services, LLC will discuss some of the signs that your surveillance security has been hacked in this blog post.

You are Hearing Mumbled Sounds:

Hearing strange voices coming out of your security camera feed is a sign that your system has been hacked. It could be anything from a high-pitched whining noise to a series of clicks and pops. It’s a frightening encounter that may make people irritated at first, but if there are any follow-up voices right after it, you should raise your guard and, at the very least, unplug it as soon as possible. In any circumstance, you’ll have time to consider what to do next this way.

The System Keeps Turning On and Off:

Some cameras can pan around for 360-degree coverage. This function helps get a broader perspective of a room but doesn’t want to take your hands off the wheel. However, if you notice that the camera keeps turning on and off by itself, it’s a sign that someone is trying to toy with you.

The Camera Is Moved:

If you have a physical security system in place, there’s a good chance someone has tried to tamper with it if the cameras have been moved. It could be done for several reasons, but the most likely scenario is that they were trying to avoid being seen or caught on camera.

Inconsistent Recording:

If you notice that the footage from your security cameras is suddenly choppy or doesn’t seem to be recording correctly, it’s a sign that someone has hacked into your system. They may be trying to delete certain parts of the footage so they can’t be identified, or they could be slowing down the recording to make it more challenging to track their movements.

Preventing Hacks from Happening:

The best way to prevent your surveillance cameras from being hacked is to be proactive about it. Keep an eye on the newest security concerns and make sure that your system is running the most up-to-date software.

In addition, consider hiring a professional to conduct regular audits of your system so that you can be sure that it’s always secure. Moreover, using hidden cameras, turning on the LED lights, and properly securing the area around your cameras can also help to deter potential hackers.

Take Away:

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call Archangel Alarm Services, LLC in Katy. Our security camera installation services can help you secure your home or business and ensure that your family is safe from nefarious hackers.

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