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Why DIY Security Systems Installations Are A Potential Deathtrap?

So, you have finally decided to hit the hardware store and go the pocket-friendly route on DIY security system installation at your home in Spring, TX. The pro is that you can put up the system wherever you want and customize your surveillance intervals. Amazingly, you also save up on installation costs.

The installation is a risky business considering the electrical work, hardwiring, and much time on a ladder. The surveillance system interfacing is another entangling headache. But has your customized setup been put to the test to ensure it is functioning as well as any professionally installed surveillance system would? Are the savings worth it?

The security professionals at Archangel Alarm Services break it down for you; why DIY security system installations are a terrible idea.

No Emergency Calls

When you are not enrolled with the services of a security company, you are not on any security company’s emergency response list. If burglars or armed perpetrators breach your home, the most you will get is the incident captured on film, or a home alarm will sound. But there will be no police rushing to save you, and we all know these incidents don’t end well.

User Error Vulnerability

Professional security companies are trained on installing & integrating security setups in a manner of optimal functioning. They know how to place cameras, set sensors & triggers, configure control panels for every bespoke surveillance package, & connectivity settings for emergency response. If you are taking surveillance on a DIY level, your knowledge might be limited & you might configure too many errors into the installation.

Power Outages

Professionals hardwire security systems to work on some form of auxiliary power in the event of a power outage. A DIY amateur can do with the relatively expensive battery-powered systems, which makes maintenance riskier every time, and one cannot cover all contingencies. High-risk neighborhoods coupled with power outages are bad news for DIY security!

False Alarms

Self-configured security systems don’t have that kind of programming to filter false alarms triggered by swaying trees or pets tripping a sensor. If you even go the extra mile to get a DIY security kit, you would better have a professional do the job for better peace of mind and fewer false alarms throughout the day.

Maintenance Hazards

DIY security system installation is not a one-time thing. The technology will go obsolete with time. Finding & replacing components will become harder. You will have to maintain the cameras yourself & you won’t even know how to troubleshoot most problems. Imagine living in a home where your security fails to have your back.

With professionally installed surveillance & monitoring systems, you get listed for emergency response, any alarms triggered alert your security service provider, and you have 24/7 customer support for any troubleshooting issues. You also get expert advice, maintenance rounds, and replacement, all the perks without you losing out to worrying incessantly over a DIY security system!

Stop turning your home into a burglar magnet and a DIY deathtrap at your home in Spring, TX. Get in touch with Archangel Alarm Services to get the best security solutions on the market installed & seamlessly integrated into your home, minus the DIY eyesore touch!

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