Virtual Service Calls

We can help you with various things over the phone from resetting your keypad, showing you where the battery goes, troubleshooting your trouble light on the keypad, help you identify certain problem areas or general questions you would like from us that will only take 10 or 15 minutes of your time.

Virtual Call Service fees applied, $40.00 if repairs are not completed over the phone, our experts will know exactly what you need and the virtual visit fee will apply to your repair bill upon our technician’s physical visit.

Have a real technician view your alarm issues, security camera issues, etc. and have it assessed at a time that is convenient for you without having to wait hours for a technician to show up. Book a Virtual Service Call today! You’ll save money, time window is within 5-10 minutes!

What our customers are saying

Mary Smith

My alarm had various trouble signal issues. It would not stop beeping and a lot of issues on the keypad. Archangel technician assisted me right away and walked me through the exact steps to resolve my alarm issues all in five minutes. The service was amazing!

Etna Jones

Archangel Alarm technician walked me through troubleshooting steps and it was super easy super quick! Just in 5 minutes and all my issues were resolved. So grateful for this virtual service! Not to mention the amount of money I saved was unbeatable!. Thank you Archangel Alarms!